Sales Enablement – Showpad

Business Gardener is a Showpad Tansformation and Implementation Partner.

Showpad is a content management system that helps retail businesses bring all their marketing and sales content at one location. This allows business sales team to quickly access their marketing information and improve their efficiency.

Showpad has a bundle of intuitive content management features which can help you to instantly create attractive and completely personalized marketing content. These features are quite flexible and hence fit most types and structures of business.

Serving some of the finest brands in the market, Showpad is a widely accepted digital tool in the world. It can easily fit integrate with your current business models which is why it becomes an attractive offer for marketing.

With a wide range of experience implementing opportunity management, customer relationship management (CRM), seller enablement, forecasting, asset management and renewals management solutions, Business Gardener helps customers to define and implement the right approach & strategy to make sales more productive.